HashiCorp Vault 202 for Operators

HashiCorp Vault 202 for Operators

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🔒 Unlock the Secrets of Vault Operations with Expert Guidance!

Embarking on the journey to deploy a production Vaul Cluster? Great! But to do it right, you need a robust framework that only comes from hands-on experience. Imagine tapping into years of insights gathered from diverse customer interactions, then coupling it with the exact code employed by an industry expert. Sounds too good to be true? Not anymore.

💡 Here’s the Deal!

For the price of just one hour of consulting, dive deep into a treasure trove of knowledge, hands-on techniques, and best practices that give you an edge. It’s like having a mentor by your side, without the hefty price tag! Don’t let this unique learning opportunity slip through your fingers.

🚀 Elevate Your Skills with the Ultimate HashiCorp Vault Course

Welcome, future Vault expert! Vault isn’t just a tool; it’s the gold standard in secrets management. As you steer your organization’s security measures, the skills you gain here will not only bolster your professional prowess but also safeguard your company’s most prized assets.

This isn’t just another course. It’s a transformational experience:

  • Dive into the intricacies of Vault, from foundational concepts to high-tier applications like multi-datacenter replication.
  • Replace tedious tasks with efficient, automated processes.
  • Minimize security risks, enhance operational efficiency, and bolster your confidence.

Feeling the pull towards greatness? Act now. Begin your transformational journey with our HashiCorp Vault course.

💼 Course Offerings

  • Comprehensive insights into deploying a fortified, production-ready Vault cluster.
  • Over 12 hours of immersive video content with the instructor’s engaging presence.
  • Intuitive hand-drawn animated diagrams, simplifying complex topics.
  • A hands-on approach with numerous labs.
  • Crisp English closed captions ensuring you catch every drop of knowledge.
  • A vibrant community to share, learn, and grow.
  • Complete access to course code.

🧐 Prerequisites

Your toolkit for this course:

  • A curious mind and an eagerness to learn.
  • Familiarity with HashiCorp Vault-101 & Terraform-101 or similar knowledge.
  • Basic Linux terminal operations.
  • Essential accounts: GitHub (free), env0 (free), AWS (optional for TeKanAid Academy subscribers).

🎯 Who Should Attend

Operators aspiring:

  • For a deep dive into HashiCorp Vault’s operational intricacies.
  • To master the art of deploying both Vault OSS and Vault Enterprise, while embracing best practices.

🎖 Course Milestones

By journey’s end, you’ll:

  • Command a thorough understanding of running Vault in Production.
  • Master the art of Vault backup and restoration.
  • Sharpen your skills in Vault monitoring.
  • Delve deep into Vault upgrades and migration nuances.
  • Expertly use the Terraform Vault provider.
  • Seamlessly translate knowledge into actionable real-world results.

Course Outline

  • Section 1: Course Introduction
  • Section 2: Terraform Crash Course
  • Section 3: Vault Crash Course
  • Section 4: Install a Production Ready Vault OSS Cluster
  • Section 5: Automatic Backups
  • Section 6: Monitoring
  • Section 7: Backend Migration and Upgrades
  • Section 8: Managing Namespaces
  • Section 9: Replication
  • Section 10: The Terraform Vault Provider
  • Section 11: Deploying Vault in Kubernetes
  • Section 12: Advanced Vault Authentication Topics
  • Section 13: Bonus
  • Section 14: Closing Remarks and Next Steps

Course Features

Hand-drawn Animated Diagrams

Hand-drawn animated diagrams to help you grasp the topics better

Hands-on Labs

Lots of hands-on labs to learn by doing

Instructor's Camera On

Instructor has his camera on for all of the 12+ hours of course videos making you feel that you're right in the classroom

Test Your Knowledge

Quizzes to help you grasp the material well

Join our Community

Community support to ask questions and collaborate

Course Mindmap

This is a visual of the Course Content

Mindmap for Vault202

What We'll Build

In this course, we will build 2 highly available production-grade Vault clusters in AWS.

One will be an OSS cluster and the other will be an Enterprise cluster.

Everything is built with Terraform for Infrastructure as Code best practices.

We will create automatic backups using a lambda function.

Monitoring will be done with Prometheus, Grafana, and Loki. We will also see how to monitor using Datadog.

There is a section on backend migration from the Consul backend to Integrated Storage. We will also migrate from an old version of Vault and Consul to the latest Vault version.

For the Enterprise Vault cluster, we will create namespaces along with Performance Replication and Disaster Recovery clusters for a multi-region Vault deployment.

Moreover, we will build a production Vault cluster in Kubernetes and see how to automate its backup, monitor it, and upgrade it.

To learn more take a look at the diagram and video below.

Course Curriculum


  • HashiCorp Vault Course Introduction
  • Code Repository
  • Development Environment
  • Course Setup Demo
  • Community
  • AWS Environment [for TeKanAid Academy Subscribers only]
  • AWS Account Setup [If you’re using your own AWS account]
  • env0 Setup
  • What we will build


  • Terraform Intro
  • Terraform Overview
  • 01-Basic-Commands
  • 02-Lock-and-State-Files
  • 03-Variables
  • 04-Variables-Continued
  • 05-AWS-Setup-and-Outputs
  • 06-Data-Blocks
  • 07-Another-Provider
  • 08-Modules
  • 09-A-Web-Server


  • Intro
  • What is HashiCorp Vault
  • Vault Use Cases
  • Basic Vault CLI Commands
  • Vault Server Modes
  • Vault Architecture Internals
  • Vault Seal and Unseal
  • The Configuration File
  • Run a Production Vault Server Lab
  • Authentication Methods Overview
  • Types of Auth Methods
  • Vault Policies Overview
  • Vault Tokens Overview
  • Secrets Engines Overview
  • Replication Design with DR and PR
  • The Vault Agent Overview


  • Vault with Integrated Storage Overview
  • Reference Architecture for Integrated Storage
  • Deploy a Production OSS Cluster
  • Deployment Walk-through
  • Initialize the Vault Cluster
  • Access via SSM
  • Test the Cluster’s High Availability
  • Terraform Walk-through 1
  • Terraform Walk-through 2
  • Terraform Walk-through 3
  • Re-Deploy the Cluster with Private CAs
  • Deploy with no Bastion Host
  • Deploy in Air-Gapped
  • I need your help


  • Raft Snapshots
  • The Automated Backup Process
  • Deploy the Backup Resources
  • Terraform Walk-Through
  • Restoring Vault from a Snapshot
  • What does the snapshot restore?


  • Vault Telemetry and Logs
  • Deploy Vault Monitoring
  • Using Datadog
  • Deployment Walk-through


  • Consul Backend Overview
  • Backend Migration Process
  • Rekey Vault and Rotate Encryption Keys
  • Regenerate a Root Token
  • Upgrading a Vault HA Cluster


  • Namespaces Overview
  • Deploy an Enterprise Vault Cluster
  • Namespaces in Action
  • Namespaces Best Practices


  • High Availability Architecture in Vault Enterprise
  • DR and PR Whiteboard
  • Deploy a Highly Available Enterprise Cluster across Regions
  • Terraform Code Walk-Through
  • Automating DNS Failover
  • Failover Demo


  • Provider Overview
  • Using the Provider for Vault Configurations
  • Don-t Use the Provider for Secrets


  • Use Terraform to Deploy an EKS Cluster with Vault
  • Get Vault Started
  • Test Vault HA in K8s
  • Backup and Restore Vault in K8s
  • Monitoring Vault in K8s
  • Upgrading Vault in K8s


  • Section 12 Authentication Review
  • AD LDAP Auth Method
  • MFA
  • OIDC Auth Method
  • The Secret Zero Problem
  • AWS SSM Setup
  • AWS SSM Agent in a Linux Machine
  • AWS SSM Agent in a Windows Machine
  • AWS SSM Agent Config Walk through


  • Vault OSS to Enterprise Migration
  • Day 2 Operations Lesson 1
  • Day 2 Operations Lesson 2
  • Gotchas and Caveats
  • Troubleshooting Techniques


  • Closing Remarks
  • I’d like to hear from you
  • I need your help

See What Others are Saying

I had the privilege of contributing to the Vault 202 course through questions and recommendations for some of the sections. Having seen its content firsthand, I can vouch for its outstanding quality. Sam has managed to blend depth of knowledge with clear explanations, offering both theoretical and practical insights into HashiCorp Vault. This course is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to truly master Vault. Highly recommended!
Ibrahim Cakmak Avatar
Ibrahim Cakmak
DevOps Consultant

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This is an intermediate-level course on HashiCorp Vault. It’s intended for practitioners looking to deploy Vault in Production and interested in the best practices of deploying a secure and highly available Vault cluster.

This course is more than 12 hours of video content with the instructor’s camera on making it feel as if you’re right there in the classroom. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

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