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What others are saying

Excellent course (HashiCorp Vault 101 - Certified Vault Associate), recommend for anyone planning to use Vault in the future. Clear explanations from the author help to understand the concepts well. I had no experience with Vault, but with the help of this course, I was able to deploy Vault in a production environment. In addition to the course, you will also gain access to TeKanAid Community where you are able to comment and/or list questions that you have pertaining to Vault.
Wilberto Maldonado
Security Engineer
This course (HashiCorp Vault 101 - Certified Vault Associate) gave me an excellent overview about all features that HashiCorp Vault offers. Topics are presented in digestible pace and all theoretical knowledge is demonstrated in practical hands on labs. I am looking forward to see other courses from TeKanAid as well. Thank you very much, you made my life easier.
František Albert
Software Architect / DevOps Engineer
Hats off for your presentation skills. Advanced topics presented in this HashiCorp Vault + Kubernetes (HashiCorp Vault 201 - Vault for Apps in Kubernetes) course were understandable and easy to grasp. Chosen topics were exactly what I needed to be able to perform the production deployment of HashiCrop Vault inside Kubernetes. I extremely appreciate your personal interest after the course. It is clear that you care about your courses participants. Wishing best and feel free to contact me after you have new courses available. Thanks.
František Albert
Software Architect / DevOps Engineer
Hi Sam. I am an IT analyst here in Brazil. I'm working on an IaC project using terraform and packer with vsphere. I found your youtube channel in one of my searches. I resolved many doubts there. Thank you for that!
Thiago F. Ferrari
IT Analyst | DevOps | IaC | Embedded Systems
Hello Sam, Thank you very much for your blogs and videos about Packer and Terraform. I recently jumped into Terraform, especially for use in vSphere and I am learning every day. So while I was struggling to prepare a good Ubuntu template, I stumbled on Packer. So again, thank you very much for all your good and hard work. I absolutely believe that fine-tuning those scripts takes a lot of time.
Paul Grevink
DevOps Engineer Cloud at ING
Sam is able to maintain a very positive, professional, and courteous attitude, while also being strong and confident when working with customers and colleagues. Excellent at listening to the needs of the customer, turning that into requirements/success criteria, and then following through to execute and deliver. As a colleague, he is also a constant contributor to the internal support structure, consistently innovating and building solutions that are portable and useful for others. Sam is just an all around great teammate, and a great advocate for his customers as well!
Vince Stross
Comprehensivist - ExtraHop Networks
Dear Sam, I hope this email finds you well. If you remember before the end of last year I register for one your courses Terraform 101 - Certified Terraform Associate, I must admit that I learned a lot even though I was not patient enough for all videos to be available, so beside that I use the official documentation from Terraform to keep learning and practicing (+Youtube of course). All in all I enjoy the way you structured the course and how you went through it. The main reason of this email, to send you my gratitude for the content you created and to let you know that I passed my exam/test last week.
Danny Hirwa Profile Picture
Danny Hirwa
Information Technology Support Assistant at Semalytix
I want to thank you for such wonderful courses. They are more comprehensive than other courses I have taken in the past. You take the time to explain every detail of the code and what it does exactly, further enforcing your student's understanding and confidence in what they are learning. Your methods are very effective and set you apart from other instructors. I look forward to any future courses you may have in the works.
Santiago Acevedo
DevOps Engineer

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