Accelerate Digital Transformation via DevSecOps Best Practices​

Increase the efficiency of your organization with Infrastructure as Code​​




In-depth discovery discussions to understand your environment and associated needs


Virtual and live product demonstrations that are tailored to your use cases and business needs


Solutions that are architected to meet your business and technical requirements


Hands-on technical workshops and courses to train, enable, and quickly onboard your team


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Infrastructure as Code

Move from manual, error-prone provisioning to automated provisioning for cloud and on-premises systems at scale. Accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.

Secrets Management

Reduce secrets sprawl by centralizing secrets. Store, access, and distribute secrets such as tokens, passwords, X.509 certificates, API keys, and others in modern computing infrastructure.

Application Modernization 

Where it makes sense, transition from traditional monolithic applications to microservices architecture. Containerize your apps and deploy them using a modern orchestrator.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business

It's a cultural change that requires cross-departmental collaboration in pairing business-focused philosophies with rapid application development models

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Picture of Sam Gabrail

Sam Gabrail

President and Chief Technologist

Picture of Geraldine Gabrail

Geraldine Gabrail

General Manager


Sam is able to maintain a very positive, professional, and courteous attitude, while also being strong and confident when working with customers and colleagues. Excellent at listening to the needs of the customer, turning that into requirements/success criteria, and then following through to execute and deliver. As a colleague, he is also a constant contributor to the internal support structure, consistently innovating and building solutions that are portable and useful for others. Sam is just an all around great teammate, and a great advocate for his customers as well!

Vince Stross
Comprehensivist - ExtraHop Networks

I've had the pleasure of working with Sam for the last year. Sam is an incredible SE with the ability to understand a customers requirements and turn it into a chance to educate while selling. He takes a customer-centric approach to everything he does and continues to impress me with his technical excellence, integrity, and passion for this space. Sam's professionalism, Docker knowledge, and the ability to build and foster relationships is top notch. Sam's enthusiasm is infectious and he brings a positive attitude to every meeting -- working with Sam has been such a pleasure!

Katie Herrgesell
Account Executive - Docker Inc.


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