Our services


We drive in-depth discovery discussions with prospective customers to understand their environment and associated needs


We conduct virtual and live product demonstrations that are tailored to the use cases and business needs of the prospect


We assist prospects with Proof-of-Value trials based on an agreed upon set of success criteria to achieve the desired business outcome


We design and architect a tailored solution for the customer that meets the business and technical requirements

Additional services

Roadmap Development

We provide your engineering team with customer feedback and feature requests for customer-focused roadmap development


We interface with your internal support team to ensure that your customers are power users of your product


We help shape the culture and future of your internal sales engineering organization


"Selling technical solutions is all about connecting the client’s business needs with your technology solutions"

Let us help you do that

Our team


Sam is able to maintain a very positive, professional, and courteous attitude, while also being strong and confident when working with customers and colleagues. Excellent at listening to the needs of the customer, turning that into requirements/success criteria, and then following through to execute and deliver.

As a colleague, he is also a constant contributor to the internal support structure, consistently innovating and building solutions that are portable and useful for others. Sam is just an all around great teammate, and a great advocate for his customers as well!

Vince Stross
Comprehensivist - ExtraHop Networks

I've had the pleasure of working with Sam for the last year. Sam is an incredible SE with the ability to understand a customers requirements and turn it into a chance to educate while selling. He takes a customer-centric approach to everything he does and continues to impress me with his technical excellence, integrity, and passion for this space.

Sam's professionalism, Docker knowledge, and the ability to build and foster relationships is top notch. Sam's enthusiasm is infectious and he brings a positive attitude to every meeting -- working with Sam has been such a pleasure!

Katie Herrgesell
Account Executive - Docker Inc.

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