Migrate Secrets from AWS Secrets Manager to HashiCorp Vault with Terraform

Andrew at Money Leaves Bank finally convinced Claire, his CIO, that HashiCorp Vault should be their secrets management solution as they are becoming a multi-cloud company. Now he is faced with the challenge of migrating their secrets hosted in AWS Secrets Manager to HashiCorp Vault. In this blog post, learn why Andrew decides to use Terraform for this task and how he implements the solution.

Create a Pihole Docker Ad Blocker with Ansible and Terraform

Are you sick and tired of getting bombarded with so many ads while browsing the Internet? Would you like to get rid of these annoying ads that distract you from doing real work? Check out Pihole Docker which is an easy-to-use ad blocker that you can run in your home network or in your office. As an added bonus we use the concepts of Infrastructure as Code with Ansible and Terraform to deploy Pihole Docker in a vSphere environment. All the source code is stored in GitLab.

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