What is Backstage

What Is Backstage: Your Ultimate Guide To Streamlining Developer Tools

Explore the world of, the open-source platform that’s transforming software development. From its origins at Spotify to its integration into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, discover how Backstage streamlines DevOps workflows, fosters collaboration, and offers a centralized hub for all your developer resources. Stay tuned for deep dives into its key features! Intro

Unlocking Developer Bliss: A First Look At

In an increasingly complex development landscape, a seamless experience for developers is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. This article explores how provides a unified platform for building developer portals, enhancing developer experience, and the emerging role of Platform Engineering in this ecosystem. I’ve personally started to dig into the platform engineering space after spending a considerable amount of time working in DevOps. I believe that we have put too much on developer’s plates, and it’s time to ease their pain. In this article, I’ll focus on as a key player in the open-source infrastructure landscape. Join me on this learning path.

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