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[Solved] The way getting up to speed when you join the team as a Vault specialist

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Think that I’m a vault operator/eng joining the team. Where should I start first? Can I get integrations, configurations,roles,secrets and other important details looking at UI or CLI etc.? What is the best way of fully aware of system in a short term? Is there available scripts etc? Some reports can be retrieved from vault?

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Accessing the UI would be the best way for someone new to Vault. Taking a look at the authentication methods that are configured along with the secrets engines and the path strategy used.

Vaultman Topic starter 13/06/2023 2:57 am

@sam-gabrailtekanaid-com Can u pls make a video for Vault high level planning for auth methods and secrets engines? how can we leverage our tools? how can we configure them in a better way? when we meet the client, what kind of questions should we ask and how can we analyze and plan the capacity etc?

Are there some reports to see number of users, secrets, token ttls etc? what are the important points need to be considered?

Sam Gabrail 14/06/2023 8:17 pm

Thanks for the suggestion @ibrcakmak, I've added it to my list.

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