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[Solved] Health checks failed with these codes: [429]

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Hi Sam,

After you changed that file on the repo, I was able to create a new cluster. However, there is a difference between the number of resources on your video, "74" to my current version, "63".

I noticed that all my Registered targets were in an unhealthy stage. I did some research and decided to start the vault cluster to see if it would fix the issue.

ubuntu@ip-10-0-150-146:~$ vault status
Key Value
--- -----
Recovery Seal Type shamir
Initialized true
Sealed false
Total Recovery Shares 5
Threshold 3
Version 1.13.0
Build Date 2023-03-01T14:58:13Z
Storage Type raft
Cluster Name vault-cluster-3663240b
Cluster ID 837e26d4-d86a-2db3-306c-de327f808e42
HA Enabled true
HA Cluster
HA Mode active
Active Since 2023-09-11T15:45:39.834132246Z
Raft Committed Index 44
Raft Applied Index 44



Now I have 1 in healthy status and 2 in unhealthy status with this error:

Health checks failed with these codes: [429]

Have you faced this problem before?

Renato Goncalves



Renato Marcandier Goncalves Topic starter 11/09/2023 6:09 pm

I am not able to see the UI

Sam Gabrail 11/09/2023 6:45 pm

@rmarcandier13 If you're using GitHub codespaces, make sure the port tab is using https not http

1 Answer

Hi @rmarcandier13, yes it's intentional. Status code 429 is returned for a standby node. We want the load balancer to only forward traffic to the active node. This is important in failover scenarios. If the LB is forwarding traffic to a standby node and that node goes down it will take some time before the LB moves traffic to the active node. So it's best to make sure that the LB is always forwarding only to the active node.

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